Here’s What Our Customers and Associates Are Saying …

Jim McCoy

Real McCoy Genetics

We have had the opportunity to work with the Horsleys for close to fifteen years. They have been extremely loyal customers who are always out to improve their genetic base so they can better serve their customers. How do you better serve your customers? You provide them with better pigs.

Their pigs feed out and give their new owners a better chance to compete and win, a scenario the Horsleys have figured out as well as anyone we’ve worked with. Their list of champions as well as satisfied customers has grown immensely because of their integrity and dedication to the industry and their personal service to the young people involved in it.

Kirk, Terri, Kyley and Keagan Clevenger

The Clevenger Family

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the Horsley family for their devoted time, generosity and expertise. The quality that they bring to the swine industry and the show ring is above and beyond, which goes hand in hand with their commitment to excellence. Their integrity and willingness to share their knowledge and to see the success of young showmen is uncompromised.

It is with great pride and our deepest appreciation that we thank our friends, the Horsley Family, and The Land of Promise Farm for our success in the show ring.

Brad Bennett – Kansas State University

On Behalf of The Bennett Family

It’s obvious that the Horsley’s reputation for winning and success in the show ring precedes them. Their list of winners spans the entire Mid-Atlantic area, from small jackpots to the North American in Louisville. The dedication and determination they have to continually improving their genetics has proven invaluable in their success and will continue to be the reason they bring home purple banners. The one thing that surpasses their achievements in the show ring, however, is their commitment to their customers. We would not have had our share of success without them, and we know countless other families that can say the same. Their personal approach to show pigs is what separates them from their competitors by quite some margin.

All in all, the Horsley’s are one of kind. You will not find a family anywhere that is more dedicated to your success and produces the caliber of hogs that can compete anywhere in the country.

Emily Midgette

4-H Member & 10 Year Veteran of Hogs Shows

As a youth 4-H showman I have been raising Horsley Hogs since I was nine years old and joined the Chesapeake 4-H Livestock Club. Since then I have had two Grand Champion Hogs (2009 & 2011 Chesapeake Jubilee), three Reserve Champion Hogs (2007 & 2010 Chesapeake Jubilee and 2006 at Greenville/ Emporia’s show), three Reserve Champion Pairs (2004, 2007, and 2008 Chesapeake Jubilee), and several first place market hogs at the Virginia State Fair.

This is my tenth and final year as a youth 4-Her and I am proud to say I would not change my pig supplier even after all these years of competing. They truly raise top-notch show pigs and you can never go wrong with the quality of a hog from the Horsley’s at Land of Promise Farms!

Dr. Mark J. Estienne

Professor and Swine Research Physiologist
Virginia Tech- Tidewater Agricultural Research and Extension Center

When one mentions Land of Promise Farms, the image of a family farm operated by good, hard-working people immediately comes to mind. I have known and worked with the Horsley Family for many years and I continue to be impressed with the high quality of their pigs, both in terms of genetics and health status. They run a great operation. The barns are clean and well-maintained and managed to provide the optimum environment for raising hogs. Surrounding grounds are kept in immaculate condition, portraying an extremely positive image for the pork industry.